“The weekends are great as only need cold water with the microbubbles, and going down to only three hot washes a week, I see big power savings.

The biggest challenge initially was to trust the new protocols, going from seven hot washes per week down to only three, as it is such a huge switch away from traditional cleaning regimes. 

I would strongly recommend CIP Techs microbubble technology to every dairy farmer in New Zealand”.

Stu Austin

Stu outside the cowshed on his Waikite Valley dairy farm

“We were extremely pleased with the microbubble trials that CIP Tech undertook on our farm. We are looking at a 30% decrease in our power bills and see this as a huge saving, especially in times like these. We strongly recommend this technology and believe it an asset to our farm and for any others going forward”.

Hamish milks 650 cows on his parents Reporoa Farm.

Hamish Lee

Hamish on the right with CIP Tech’s Roger Gough

“We saved 15% on our total shed power bills over last year and we’re now 100% grade free, something we’ve never achieved before in the 13 years I’ve been managing this farm”.

Jacob manages 1150 cows on a Broadlands farm just north of Taupo and has just finished his first-year transitioning to full organics.

Jacob Ratu

Jacob on the right with 2IC Antony Edwards

“We definitely noticed a drop in power charges following installation of CIP Tech’s microbubble technology and we’ve never had any issues with grading since. The power savings alone would have paid for the unit over the first year”.

Mark and Penny milk 550 A2 autumn calvers in Pirongia.

Mark & Penny Brown

Penny and Mark Brown Pictured

“The trial was very successful and once completed we were required to stop using the microbubble technology. We then received two grades. I continue to support the system and believe it would be a benefit to the dairy industry”.

Phillip milked 450 cows in Reporoa before retiring to pursue a career change after 30 years in the industry.

Phillip Broomfield

Phillip with CIP Tech’s Roger Gough

“The CIP Tech microbubbles save me time and money. “My coli’s and thermos are excellent, and I haven’t graded since installing the microbubbles on both my dairy farms. I am more than happy to tell all farmers; this technology really works”.

Paul farms 450 cows on his Okoraire farm in the Waikato.

Paul Scheres

Pauls Farm Manager John Nicholl

“The microbubbles are saving me $1,000 per month on my previous power bills”.

Paul has also noticed a dramatic drop in split liners and puts it down to “less hot washes and cleaner liners with less fat residue and or build up”.

Paul is contract milking 850 cows on Kapenga M Trust, Rotorua.

Paul Forkert

Paul at his 50 bail rotary parlour