your hot washes to 3 per week

SAVE 50%

on your shed water heating costs

Reduce your hot washes to only 3 per week.

In a “world first”, CIP Tech has harnessed the extraordinary and proven properties of Micro Bubbles for use in Dairy Hygiene process’s on-farm.

Our advanced nozzle is easy to instal, simple to operate and delivers significant improvement of fat and protein removal, sterilisation and simple to operate.

On average a dairy farm shed power bill consists of 30% for hotwater heating based on 7 hot washes per week.

Our MPI Approved wash program of 3 hotwashes per week therefore reduces the total shed power bill by 15%.

Electrical use in a typical dairy shed

Our Micro Bubble Technology can reduce these shed running costs by 15%

Save money, time and effort with our advanced microbubble system.

Benefits of Micro Bubble Technology

Reduce Costs

Reduce shed operating costs by more than 15%

Milk Quality

Improve milk quality

Reduce Thermo Count

Proven to reduce thermo count by average 6%

Lower Bacto Levels

Proven to keep bacto's at a low level

Reduce APC

Reduction in APC (aerobic plate count) by average 6.2%

Reduce Coliforms

Coliforms significantly reduced


Faster shed wash up time for staff

Maintenance Free

Virtually maintenance-free, top quality stainless steel


Easy and simple to operate

More Green

Lower your carbon footprint

Removes Protein Build-up

See the power of our microbubble system using only hot water for 10 minutes.

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Most frequent questions and answers

An air bubble so fine that amazing physics occurs.

The bubble becomes of opposite polarity to fat and protein therefore attracting the fat and protein from the stainless steel.

When the microbubble collapses it creates a tiny explosion of intense heat called a hydroxyl radical. This action results in a proven reduction in thermo, bacto and coli’s.

Only one action to operate ie “turn on a switch.”

Yes, easily dismantled in 30mins so transportable, except for electrical connection.

No moving parts in the MB Nozzle so expected life of 30+ years. Only replace the pump every 10years as per normal wear.